Loving God, Loving Others

Loving God

God's faithfulness deserves our faithfulness! We believe that the primary function of every believer, and every church is to authentically give effort to worship the Lord. Our primary concern at SBBC is not the latest trends, the public opinion, or even what each visitor thinks of our services or our members; our primary concern is to honor the Lord with our lives and our efforts of worship and praise.

God's Word is His Will! We believe that every believer ought to desire to know God's will. Since we believe His Word is His will, we spend time in every service preaching and teaching His Word so that we can know His will and walk in His way.

God is worthy of worship and worthy of praise! We believe that our song service is for the audience of One Holy God, so every song we sing is sung in effort to recognize His glory, and to accurately demonstrate our appreciation for what He has done for us! As well as having a time of praise, every Sunday morning service our church collectively takes a moment to worship the Lord. Our worship time It is a time where we encourage believers to bow before God and recognize His glory.

 Loving Others

If our love for God does not affect our love for others what good is it? God's Word clearly expresses that a faith that has not works is dead (James 2:20). Jesus taught that the second greatest commandment (loving your neighbor as yourself) is  like unto the first (loving the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind) (Matt.22:37-39).

We can't truly love God if we have not a love for others! It is because of this truth that we at San Bernardino Baptist Church give effort to reach the lost of our community and the world. It is why we give of ourselves to show love to the unlovely, and promote Jesus Christ in all that we do to those who are lost!