It's our firm belief that every life and family can be found strong in Christ!

Strong Lives 

We believe God's Word is true from Genesis through Revelation.  As such, we believe that everything contained within its pages is God's message of and from Himself to us. We believe that salvation is for whosoever, and we believe that anyone and everyone can have a strong fruitful life through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Strong Familes

We believe that a city is only as good as the families that make it up, and we believe that strong families are built through the preaching and teaching of the preserved Word of God; the Word of God that not only changes lives, but can change the course of entire families. From some of the first generations of man we see illustrated in the Bible that a godly family was a source of strength to those with in it, and to a world who knew not the Lord.

Strong City

We believe that a city is changed one life, one family at a time. San Bernardino Strong has become a statement of encouragement for many San Bernardino residents, and we could not agree more with the desire of this statement. We want to be a part of a strong city, so we minister to one another through outreach efforts, and help-ministries. It is our desire to see lives changed. And we believe that the only change that brings hope to a lost world is the change that is brought by a relationship with Jesus Christ.