Why would I go to San Bernardino Baptist Church ?

It is a fair question, and one that you are likely seeking in relation to your online search! We do not claim to have it ‘figured out’, but we do give great effort in what we do for our God!

We Believe God's Word Changes Lives

  • Since we believe that it is the preaching of the Word of God that changes lives today, we give time in each of our services to hear the preaching of God's Word
  • We do not believe that preaching is about trying to make us feel better about our current conditions, but rather about knowing truth, as declared from God's Word. It is this truth that can free from our sinful decisions, and helps us to better understand how the trials in our life can make us more like our Saviour.

We recognize that our praise, and our worship, is for the audience of One

  • In relation to our praise, we believe that we are not singing to impress anyone, but to express gratitude to a Holy one!
  • In  the midst of our morning worship service we take time to collectively worship God. We give pause to recognize a Holy God Who alone is worthy to be worshiped

We strive to be Authentic, while understanding that Christ has called us to be Different

  • Church is not about a “judgement free zone”. It is about a place where we are to be encouraging to one another, while at the same time, impressing upon one another the need to be more like Christ!
  • As one man said “a rubber-band is useless until it is stretched” we know that our lives need to be stretched in order to have a purpose. At San Bernardino Baptist Church we will encourage you to stretch in your faith, family, and friendships!

We use only the King James Version in all of our ministries

  • We believe for sake of unity and practical teaching, it is important for every church to identify with a Bible version; and we have chosen to use the KJV in all our literature and ministries.
  • The reason we exclusively use the King James Version is for sake of Textual Preservation, and for sake of the Translation Process.
  • Though we do exclusively use the KJV, you are welcome to bring any Bible version with you into our services.